Who we are?

A group of fans of beautiful cars and the art of travel, our lovers territory that we want to promote tourism. Considering that our are noble passions we wish to share it with others by providing our experience and our means. Among our partners we have the Piedmont High Committee He wants to promote tourism in the provinces of Biella, Vercelli, Novara and Verbania Cusio and many other similar organizations to ours in different parts of the world with ‘ we work with. Many possess a vintage car, some of the collections ,many more are the people who really want to enjoy this passion for cars and travel. We want to offer everyone the opportunity with the services created and put available from the club and its members. Even those who would never have thought you could doing a magnificent tour with a vintage roadster with the club it will be done. They are not interested only the cars but also the industrial archeology, nature, landscape, art, ecology, the clothing, the food, basically the car and came to enjoy these things and at the same time created the reasons to develop them. Look at what we offer but above all think about how many other new services and opportunities for themselves and for others you could achieve by participating actively in the life of the club. The images that flow will give a first impression of how do, Stop them and read the details and you will find a thousand reasons to collaborate with us.